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‘What Happens In Vegas Part 3’, staring Aspen and Brandon Evans, is filmed by and released by ‘Male Sex Videos’ which is part of the networking gay porn machine.
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About Str8 To Male Gay Sex

‘Str8 To Male Gay Sex’ puts the emphasis on gay guys getting their wet dreams cum true as they seduce straight men into the bedroom or even getting them into the shower. Sometimes, it’s straight guy on straight guy as they explore each other’s naked hard bodies for the first time. Either way, there are 425 hardcore gay videos in ‘Str8 to Gay’ for you to stroke your cock too, or better still, get a friend or three around to watch it with you. You might even think of that straight guy you have always wanted to fuck, why not invite him round too? Who knows what could happen, we all know there is no such thing as a real straight guy anyway.

The sex video with gay men

‘What Happens in Vegas’ started off in the first episode with a group of guys going to Vegas for some hot fun and hopefully to win money. Will Braun decided to stay back in the hotel room in part 1 as the others all went out. Jaxton Wheeler also decided to stay back to make sure Will was ok. They ended up in the sack together and Will got his virgin ass drilled hard. In part 2 Griffin Barrows (who looks a bit like Ben Affleck) admits to his best friend Brandon Evans that he had recently been thinking about having sex with another guy. They went back to their room and had an awesome sex session for the first time. Remember, what happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
In this episode, Aspen, who plays Will Braun’s brother, still hasn’t got over the fact that he caught Will in bed with Jaxton. He knocks on the bathroom door where Brandon Evans is taking a shower and goes into the room complaining about his brother Will, and everyone else. Brandon, puts a towel around his smooth muscular body and six pack and comes out and admits that he has been having gay sex with Griffin. Aspen, who is so straight finds it all hard to take in until Brandon tells him that it’s all ok. They have come to Vegas to do things they wouldn’t normally do, so what’s the harm? Aspen, who had a girl all over him the night before, says he couldn’t cheat on his fiancé, but maybe having sex with another man wouldn’t be cheating on her after all. He looks up at the dripping wet Brandon and asks him to blow him.
He strips naked and sits down, he has never had a guy’s mouth around his cock before, and can’t stop moaning out loud with excitement as Brandon gets down and starts sucking on his eight and a half inch cut cock. He gets so excited in fact, that he stands up, holds Brandon’s head in his hands as he thrusts his cock deep to the back of Brandon’s throat.
Aspen gets Brandon to stand up, and he gets down as he sucks on Brandon’s stiff dick. Brandon starts to sigh with pleasure, and Aspen is doing suck a good jobbing blowing his dick, he asks him if it’s really is his first time. Aspen admits it is, and he likes it so much, that he knows it’s not going to be his last.
Aspen sits back down, rolls on a condom and gets Brandon to sit on his aching hard cock. Both guys yell out so load with lust that the noise echo’s around the bathroom walls. They fuck like dogs on heat and keep making load noises as they fuck standing up, and then Aspen fucks Brandon Evans tight asshole in the missionary position over the bath tub. With a great howl, both Aspen and Brandon shoot their thick creamy cum over Brandon’s ravished body.
At the end, and with a glazed over look of lust, Aspen tells Brandon not to tell anyone about this, especially his Fiancé.

The gay porn star guys

Aspen is a good looking guy with a handsome face and a great body. There is something in his deep brown eyes that always looks like he is up to something naughty and about to laugh as if the joke is on you. He has brown hair, is a versatile top with an eight and a half inch cut cock and a beautiful tight ass.
Aspen has starred in 20 hardcore movies for, and in his last movie which again was released by ‘Hot Gay Flicks,’ he gets to sit on Diego Sans rock hard cock as he gets his ass seriously drilled in ‘Turning Point Part 4’
This is Brandon Evans’ second hardcore movie with, and in his first one, he screwed the virgin ass off of Griffin Barrows in ‘What Happens With Male Sex Videos.’ His is very cute and has got a well sculptured smooth body and a concrete type of ass. He is five feet ten inches tall, has short cropped brown hair, and the most amazing blue eyes that is hard to stop starring at. He is a top, but thankfully for us, he does like to get his own ass fucked from time to time. He has a seven inch cut dick, and a juicy pair of heavy balls tucked neatly underneath it.

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