Drill My Hole – Shut Up And Fuck Me Harder

Drill My Hole have just released their latest hardcore gay movie by Men called ‘Shut Up And Fuck Me Harder.’ It stars Aspen and Zak Bishop.

The gay porn stars

One of Aspen’s favourite movies is ‘Gladiator’ and with a gym built body like his, he could easily have been in it. He is a real hunk with a naughty-boy, schoolboy look about it. He is five feet eight inches tall, has black hair and smiling brown eyes. He is a versatile top with a thick meaty eight and a half inch cut dick, and a nice set of balls which always seems to full of hot cream cum, even after he has shot a load.
Aspen has starred in 18 hardcore movies for Men, and in his first movie with them, he gets his ass drilled by sex toys and Will Braun’s hard cock.
This is Zak Bishop’s first movie with the gay pay site Men and he really is a dirty little slut up for almost anything. Zak has a slim smooth body and a little brown goatee. He has a few tattoos and he is a versatile bottom with a seven inch cut dick. He has brown hair, is five feet seven inches and has the most amazing green eyes.

The plot

If you are looking for a storyline, you can forget it with this hardcore homosexual porn movie. It goes straight into the action, and sometimes that’s all we need, to see some gay best friend porn, sucking and ass licking from beginning to end.
Aspen knocks on Zak Bishop’s door, and when Zak opens it, Aspen tries to apologise for the night before. Zak looks at him with his amazing green eyes and just says to him, ‘Just shut up, and fuck me hard.’ These two really are hot for each other and their bodies grind into each other as they kiss, and their hands are all over their sexy bodies.
Aspen pulls Zak’s t-shirt off and grabs a hold of his chest and pinches his small dark nipples. Aspen then takes his top off and licks Zak’s neck and smooth chest all over. Once naked, Aspen picks Zak off of his feet and cradles him in his arms. Zak tells him that he wants him to fuck his face which Aspen is more than happy to do. He puts his down in a chair and stands next to him with his hard cock almost touching Zak’s nose.
Aspen grabs Zak by his hair and forces his head back and forth as Zak manages to take all eight and a half inches of Aspen’s cock deep down his throat. Aspen moans and groans out load as he gets one of the best blow jobs he has had for quite a while.
Aspen then grabs Zak, pulls him out of the chair, and then makes him kneel on the chair with his beautiful ass sticking out. Zak really is a dirty little fucker as he tells Aspen to tongue fuck him. Aspen doesn’t need telling; his tongue is already lapping at his asshole and squeezing his fingers into Zak’s lovely butt cheeks.
Aspen rims his ass and Zak shouts out for him to spank him. Aspen slaps his ass a few times, and then rams two fingers deep up to his knuckles as he finger fucks him which drives Zak wild, and makes his cock begin to throb.
Aspen then sits down and these two horny men go wild as Zak sits on his big gay video cock and rides him up and down like a thing possessed. They fuck doggy style, and then when Aspen gets Zak on his back and fucks him in the missionary position, Zak Bishop shouts out loud and as his cock throbs, cum spills out onto his body. Aspen just has enough time to pull out before his hot creamy jizz mixes in with Zak’s over his panting body.

More about the gay porn paysite

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