being a straight guy that goes gay

x1Timmy Taylor certainly tries mighty hard to give the impression of being a straight guy that goes gay – sitting in his office looking at a porn mag filled page-to-page with naked girls – but it’s pretty obvious by the way he looks at Dick Casey when Casey walks through the room half-dressed that he’s nowhere near as interested in the opposite sex as his own.

Fresh faced gay teen Joey Mills is sitting on super hung latin lover Aiden Garcia’s lap in a rocking chair answering ALL the questions their str8 fans submitted. Get to know these boys intimately with the most personal round of questions we’ve ever had in our #Helix series!

Shirtless and sitting on this big dicked boy’s lap with the back and fourth motion of a rocking chair no less is enough to send ANY bottom over the edge! For cock hungry bottom boy Joey its pure torture in the best of ways, as he cant WAIT to attack Aiden’s 9 inch uncut gay cock! Joey is definitely enjoying the anticipation so the boys take their time AND take YOUR suggestions. You’ve asked them to tickle each other. You’ve asked for MULTIPLE rim jobs, foot jobs and MORE! These boys give you all you’ve requested and then some!

A suspicion confirmed by his ensuing fantasy involving the wide-mouthed Casey, a sponge and a bucketful of soapy water. It’s a sensual display – and one that both horny boys clearly enjoy. So much so, in fact, that it’s not very long before they’re both splayed across Taylor’s desk in 69-position, slurping on each other’s thick, meaty, uncut dicks.
Everyone pretty much knows what a hot, horny fucker Rudy Valentino is – both on and off a film-set – but it still seems to come as something of a surprise to young Tim Law when he enters Valentino’s room to discover that the guy has been watching porn on his computer and having a surreptitious wank under his desk.

By the time all the clothes come off the boys are both at FULL mast, showing off their perfect HUGE cocks. Gorgeous, smooth and oozing with sexual chemistry the boys fulfill their own desires through their fans requests as the director lets them know just what YOU want to see.

In Law’s defence, however, it’s probably not the kind of behaviour that you expect from a man in authority; although the young twink’s surprise doesn’t stop Law from immediately taking advantage of the situation by falling down onto his knees so that he can slurp on Valentino’s famously swollen cock. What ensues is almost a masterclass in dick-worship, as Law feasts on the stud’s handsome butt-picker like a bitch on heat.

Giant dicks on gorgeous young straight guys bouncing around as they gay fuck, deep throat and fill each other up just as you asked for another straight porn for gay men! And they do it all RAW and BARE! Now wipe the drool off your chin and press play.

The favour replicated, it’s soon time for Valentino to thrust his raw shaft deep into the lad’s hungry pucker, now quite literally twitching in anticipation – at which point you’re gonna be jerking like crazy with one hand and flicking for the remote with the other! Kleenex warning: savour Law’s spontaneous cum-shot whilst fucked in the ass, followed by the glorious spectacle of Valentino erupting all over Law’s blemish-free face!

It’s only a matter of time before one of these lad’s arses is gonna get a good, old-fashioned stretching – in this instance young Taylor, who proceeds to get fucked from behind before taking the opportunity to bounce up and down on Casey’s ramrod like a common whore. There’s only one way all this action is gonna end, of course – and so it proves, with Taylor taking a mouthful of pent-up jizz courtesy of his pal’s knob. Some friends, it seem, just love to give!

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